Announcing Moment II: Pedaling Down on the Future of Work

Our First Institutionally-Backed Effort with a New $37 Million Early Stage VC Fund to Reimagine How We Work

Published on August 13, 2019 by Clint Chao, Moment Ventures

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In 2013, Ammar Hanafi and I reconnected after meeting earlier in our operating careers. With the added perspectives of each having spent the previous several years as VCs, we saw an emerging opportunity in early-stage technology investing. Along with our friend and third co-founder Rajiv Khemani, we put up our Moment Ventures shingle to invest in the Future of Work, and went on the hunt for entrepreneurs looking to reimagine and transform how an industry operates by leveraging advancements in technology. We felt that our many years of experience as venture investors and company operators during the great IT infrastructure buildout of the 1990s and 2000s would come in handy.

Those conversations led to to our starter fund, the 2015-vintage Moment I, a $10.5 million vehicle where we had the good fortune to work with some amazing Future of Work entrepreneurs in industries such as education, transportation, logistics, oil & gas and technology infrastructure. In addition to our own capital, we were fortunate to get support from dozens of seasoned technology entrepreneurs from our respective networks, whose backing enabled us to make 20 mostly-seed round investments. Though we’re no longer making new investments from Moment I, it’s off to a promising start with seven M&A exits thus far and great potential from the remaining active portfolio.

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