Call9: Reinventing 911 Infrastructure

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We’re excited to be investors in Call9 Medical, an IT eHealth startup created by doctors from Stanford and Harvard. The Company announced that it closed a $10M Series A round in January 2016 with Index Ventures as lead investor.

Founders Dr. Celina Tenev and Dr. Timothy Peck set an ambitious goal to reinvent the 911 emergency response experience for patients and administrators in nursing homes and senior care facilities. This is a huge segment of the market for emergency response that has historically dealt with a very inefficient process, often resulting in it taking over an hour before a nursing home patient is able to speak to anyone with a medical background, as well as, creating many expensive and unnecessary ambulance calls and visits to the emergency room. In operation for less than a year since graduating from the summer 2015 Y Combinator class, Call9 has seen very promising early results with a number of nursing homes, beginning in New York. In fact, in a short amount of time, Call9 prevented trips to the emergency room for 55 percent of patients who used the service.

Call9 Dashboard

Why we view Call9 as an Infrastructure of Everything company

Call9 has built a compelling platform where technology directly connects nursing home personnel to medical experts within seconds, not minutes or hours. By doing so, Call9 is essentially creating a digital/physical bridge, where skilled emergency response doctors, located anywhere in the country, can quickly and easily provide medical judgment and emergency response guidance to residents of senior care facilities in a fraction of traditional 911 response times. Their digital infrastructure often prevents significant delays that patients traditionally experience, as experts are able to make an immediate determination on the severity of the given situation so that a proper course of action can be taken. Call9 has ambitions to extend their services to schools, hotels, offices and factory floors. We believe Call9 has the potential to provide the complete end-to-end emergency response infrastructure for Pre-Hospital Care –  the time it takes a patient to make an initial 911 call to the time they are able to see a doctor.

Call9 is set to re-invent the 911 service for these markets, and we’re thrilled to support them on their exciting journey!