A Different Type of Infrastructure: People-Based Platforms

With today’s mobile networks blanketing a world of users with invisible, always-on connections, the term infrastructure doesn’t always have to be viewed as a physical thing. When we first started Moment Ventures, we became very intrigued with software platforms to connect digital and physical networks: something we refer to as the Infrastructure of Everything. It’s a broadly defined term that
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Happy One Year Birthday to Us!

We’re excited to celebrate the one year anniversary of our debut fund, Moment I, where we set out to find amazing entrepreneurs building what we’ve been calling the Infrastructure of Everything. It’s been a whirlwind year, and we’re incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with some passionate entrepreneurs who are literally reshaping the world
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Welcome to Moment Ventures and the Infrastructure of Everything

We’re excited to launch Moment Ventures, a seed and early stage VC firm to find and work with entrepreneurs building the next generation of technology and business software fueling the Infrastructure of Everything! Throughout our careers as venture investors and entrepreneurs, we’ve seen amazing innovation from startup companies that have helped create our multi-trillion dollar
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